Welcome to Greg & Jane's Beer Tours.

Have you ever wanted to visit some of our local breweries, Wineries, Fine Drinking Establishments, but did not want to be chosen to be the disignated driver?

Wouldn't it make your day/night more enjoyable, knowing that you & seven of your friends can go out and have a responsible driver to escort you throughout day/night + get you home safe & sound?

Greg & Jane's Beer Tours, has a solution. We offer 4 hour beer/wine tours(includes commuting time) that promises you will not get stranded on a deserted island. All tours begin at Greg & Jane's Beer & Wine, 63 Main St. Epping, NH. 03042 and end at Your Home. "In the event that you would like to be picked up, the tour time's starts when the bus leaves Greg & Jane's Beer & Wine, which could take away from the time spent in brewery/winery. (This option would have to be established prior to purchase and is at the discretion of Greg & Jane's Beer Tours).

We encourage you to create your own custom tour, however, We can suggest tours that will allow you to have more time at the brewery's/Winery's. There is a list of examples below. The 1st group of 4 passengers who reserve the tour/date/time will be allowed to suggest the tour stops.

We have 2 buses, Small bus has 8 seats and there will be a minimum of 6 seats for each tour. The big bus has 20 seats and there will be a minimum of 10 seats for each tour. Greg & Jane's Beer Tours reserves the right to fill the bus with last minute passengers unless all seats have been previously paid for.

The cost is $70 per person and must be prepaid before entering the bus. Sign Up Form

Each person will be required to sign a Waiver and of course everyone must be over 21 years of age.

Each additional hour is another $100 per hour, divisible by the number of passengers.

We also offer extended tours that require additional driving time. The cost of these will be determined prior to booking & based on driving time. This will be at the descretion of Greg & Jane's Beer Tours.

Tour Types: Wine, Meade, Bachelor/Bachelorett parties, Wedding reception, Hotel transport, Holiday parties, Adult night on the town, Extended distance Brewery Tours(ME,VT), Pub Crawl

Cancellation Policy: 7 days prior notice is required to cancel your ticket. There will not be any refund within the week prior to your tour. It is your responsibility to sell or give away your ticket.

Let the fun Rides Begin

State Law does not allow any open containers, if police pull over and there is a open container. The driver is the one who receives the summons. So driver has total responsbility of the bus. Please refer to the waiver, which is a legal binding document that must be signed pior to entering the bus.

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Dec. 1st Saturday Maine Seacoast 11-7pm
The shuttlebus leaves the Epping Park & Ride @ 11am
Corner Point
Theory Brewing
Some Brewing
Woodland Farms

The cost is $70 Dollars, Click Here to purchase tickets

Dec. 8th/9th Winery tour of NH 10:30-5pm
The shuttle bus leaves the Epping Park & Ride @ 10:30am. We will travel to Squamscott Winery, Flag Hill Winery, Zorvino's vineyards, Sweet Baby Winery, Appolo Vineyards.

The cost is $79 Dollars, Click Here to purchase tickets

Dec. 15th Taste of Southern NH Beer Noon-7pm
The shuttle bus leaves the Epping Park & Ride @ Noontime.
We will travel to From the Barrel, Kelsens, 603, Long Blue Cat, Pipe Dreams.

The cost is $70 Dollars, Click Here to purchase tickets

The Buses are available for private groups on Christmas Weekend and New Years.

Jan. 12th Taste of Portland Maine 10:30am-6pm
The shuttle bus leaves the Epping Park & Ride @10:30am
We will travel to Bissell Brothers, Fore River, Mast Landing, Allagash, Foundation, Austin St., Battery Steele, Definitive.

The cost is $70 Dollars, Click Here to purchase tickets


Tour #1
Your Location
Great North Aleworks
Backyard Brewing
Able Ebenezer
Kelsen Brewing
Your Location

Drive time 2HR5 Mileage 85.9miles without your location included

Your Location
Kelsen Brewing
603 Brewing
Pipe Dreams Brewing
Great North Aleworks
Backyard Brewing
Your Location

Drive time 1HR40 Mileage 66.4miles without your location included

Your Location
Neighborhood Brewing
Deciduous Brewing
Garrison Brewing
7th Settlement Brewing
Chapel + Main Brewing
Stoneface Brewing
Your Location

Drive Time 2HR16 Mileage 79.1miles without your location included

Your Location
Zorvino's Vineyard
Appolo Vineyard
Sweet Baby Vineyard
Flag Hill Winery
Your Location

Drive Time 1HR31 Mileage 51.8miles without your location included

Your Location
LaBelle Winery
Third Colony Winery
Candia Vineyards
Your Location

Drive Time 1HR35 Mileage 73.5miles without your location included

Your Location
Stark Brewing
Backyard Brewing
Long Blue Cat Brewing
Pipe Dreams Brewing
From The Barrel
603 Brewing
Your Location

Drive Time 1HR36 Mileage 72.0miles without your location included

Tour #7
Your Location
Kelsen Brewing
Rockingham Brewing
From the Barrel Brewing
Your Location

Drive Time 1HR10 Mileage 70.0 miles without your location

Tour #8
OddBall brewing
Lithermans Limited
Concord Craft
Henniker Brewing

Drive Time 2HR08 Mileage 99.0 miles without your location

So above are just examples, so you would need to get to Google Maps and start the tour at 63 Main st. Epping, then to your home, or the Epping Park & Ride, then onto the brewery's, Wineries...etc so that you are going where you want and have a enough time at each location to enjoy yourself.