May 24th 21st Amendment Brewing & Sam Adams & Wine with Diana 5-7pm

May 25th Two Roads Brewing & Chocolate with Enna 5-7:30pm

May 28th Bitburger 5-7pm

May 31st Stoneface Brewing & Wine with Sarah-Crush Wines 5-7:30pm

June 1st Henniker Brewing & Flag Hill Winery 5-7:30pm

June 4th Firestone Brewing 5-7pm

June 7th Woodstock Brewing & Press Seltzer 5-7:30pm

June 8th Black Dog Brewing & New Belgium Brewing 5-7:30pm

June 11th Bosteels Brewing 5-7pm

June 14th Hobbs Brewing & Perfecta Wine 5-7pm

June 15th Ithaca brewing & Fortune Wines 5-7:30pm

June 18th Bells Brewing 5-7pm (new to the state)

June 21st Beara Brewing 5-7pm

June 22nd Jack Abby & DUI And the Law & Vinilindia Wines 5-7:30pm

June 25th Belgium Mare Brewing 5-7pm

June 28th 7th Settlement Brewing 5-7pm

June 29th Smuttynose Brewing 5-7:30pm

July 2nd Out.Haus Ales 5-7pm

July 5th NBPT Brewing 5-7pm

July 9th Blue Point Brewing 5-7pm

July 12th Dogfish Brewing & Perfecta Wine 5-7pm

July 13th Squam Brewing 5-7:30pm