December 6th Candia Road Brewing & Cider Tasting 5-7pm

December 7th Lone Wolfe Brewing & Wine With Diana 5-7:30pm

December 8th Daphne will be sampling wine from 3-6pm

December 10th Prospect cider 5-7pm

December 13th Stoneface Brewing 5-7pm

December 14th Laughing Crow Brewing & Wine with Diana 5-7:30pm

December 17th Cider Tasting Crabbies 5-7pm

December 20th Two Roads Brewing & New Belgium Brewing 5-7pm

December 21st Great North Brewing & Peak Brewing & Wine with Diana 5-7:30pm

December 25th Closed For Christmas

December 27th Ipswich Brewing 5-7pm

December 28th Jack Abby Brewing 5-7pm

January 17th Rockingham Brewing 5-7pm