January 17th Rockingham Brewing & Wine with Matt 5-7pm

january 18th Lone Wolfe & Wine with Diana 5-7:30pm

January 21st Guess the beer **Winner receives gift card 5-7pm

January 24th Brooklyn & 21st Amendment brewing 5-7pm

January 25th Moats Brewing & Wine with Fortune Wines 5-7:30pm

January 28th Collective Arts Brewing 5-7pm

January 31st Throwback Brewing & Wine with Diana 5-7pm

Febuary 1st Hobb's Brewing 5-7:30pm

Febuary 4th Mason's Brewing 5-7pm

Febuary 7th Shilling Brewing & Sweet Baby Vineyards 5-7pm

Febuary 8th Ipswich Brewing & Wine with Matt 5-7:30pm

Febuary 11th Domestic vs. Craft Challange 5-7pm

Febuary 18th Six Point Brewing 5-7pm

Febuary 22nd Hidden Cove Brewing & Prospect Cider 5-7:30pm

Febuary 25th Bitburger, Okocim, Kosytristzer, Konig 5-7pm

March 4th Southern Tier Brewing 5-7pm

March 22nd Spencer Brewing 5-7:30pm