Here is the information on all parties involved with the re-construction of the building.

Paul Krukonis 603-432-3889
He specializes in re-construction of houses and building's for energy efficient savings. All aspects of energy consumpion was implemented for cost savings.


Eastcoast Lumber, Hampstead, NH. 603-329-5322
All construction materials were purchased from this lumber yard. The customer service by Frank & Henry made the construction of this business go smoothly.

Samy B's Construction Kingston,NH. 603-553-2345
I am proud of the work which Samy and his crew did on this building. Their responsibiliy was for the demo of the roof and floor and the reconstruction of the entire roof and all exterior work. They leveled all walls. They built the forms needed when the front foundation wall had to be rebuilt. Amazinly all work was completed on schedule and within budget. Samy has proved that he can build anything from a shed to a large commercial building.

Dan Smart Construction Newton, NH. 603-382-8399
Dan's responsibility was filling the basement and crawl space under old floor with fill. He also built the concrete forms for the front walkway, he has worked with concrete for over 25 years. Dan also completed the landscaping of the property.

Dan Ricard Electrical Bedford, NH. 603-703-2638
Dan did all wiring for the building, he did all general wiring and wired the coolers and furnace and all AC compressors. Dan was hardest working person in this project. Dan didn't want to be the last one done and he worked to my schedule. This allowed me to get thru all inspections without a single problem. Dan charges a fair value for the work, so if your looking for his services, you will be surprised by his price.

Building Heating/AC
Proulx Oil and Gas. Newmarket, NH. 603-287-1921
This contract was given out to Proulx Oil and Gas. This turned into a time consuming portion of the project. I installed a propane forced hot air system with AC. The duct work took time due to the construction of the new roof, there were no straight runs, so it took time and money to complete it correctly.

Duct Work & AC
Andy Mulholland Dover, NH. 603-969-7650
Andy worked very hard on the Duct work within the building, his skill has most needed since my attic was not a clean shots for the ducts, Andy had to figure out at least 50 different angled pieces of duct work. At the end, he completed a work of art with his duct work.

Highland Flooring & Wood
407 Route 125 Brentwood, NH. 603-679-1230
The whole crew worked together to get me the best prices for the vinyl flooring which I have used in the building. They have the most affordable prices around.

Affordable Restaurant Equipment Georgetown,Ma
George was the cheapest business that I could find to purchase 2 walkin coolers from and 2 standalone coolers. Everything was installed on schedule and everything cleaned up neatly.

Wilson's Store Fixtures Wells, Me.:(207) 646-6373
Roy Wilson had the best prices overall for all interior shelving which I have purchased for holding the food and beer. Roy's customer service help is amazing, I had a few issues and I called Roy and he drove down and helped fix the issue. So if you need anything for your store, Give Roy a call.

Ken Dunn Plumbing Newton, NH. 603-944-6046
Kenny did all plumbing in the building. This work consisted of laying all pipes below ground after the basement was filled. Then once the concrete floor was put down, he then installed the bathoom and water bubbler.

Chris Comeau Painting, Kingston, NH. 603-560-5873
Chris did a good job painting and his cost was lower then most other painters. Chris will paint anything.

Fire & Security
Pulsar security inc. Kingston, NH. 603-382-8060
Pulsar completed the installation of all Fire, security and cameras within the building.

Trash Removal
Iron Man Inc. Danville, NH.
Ironman has the largest containers which you can rent. They have from 10-40 yard containers and their cost is very reasonable, as you can tell I try to save my money any which way I can, like you.